It was 3 glorious days of awareness and awakening, of music and spectacle, of giving and learning. Whether it was the spectacular opening show on the ramparts of Mehrangarh Fort, the uplifting session by the lake on ‘The Beautiful Mind’ or Sting mesmerizing voice piercing the cool desert air it was a time to care, share and send out a message. One World for One Cause!

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One World Of Culture

The opening night featured ‘One World of Culture’ - A powerful, panoramic Indian rhapsody titled 'Nari - Celebrating The Indian Woman'. An epic performance celebrating five thousand years of civilization in one grand evening replete with pageantry, music, song, dance and glamour.

Following this show there was the 'The Spirit of India Banquet' with cuisines from the four corners of the country presented by the 'Taj Group of Hotels'


One World Of Rejuvenation

Imagine Lord Krishna's melodious flute working on your body and mind, uplifting and rejuvenating you. Imagine ancient yogic techniques combining with music to take you to a different dimension.

Imagine the primordial sound of Aum, which brought the world into creation, revitalizing your entire being. The One World Retreat 2013 had some of the most incredible experiences in store at special rejuvenation sessions where participants tapped in to 1000 year old Indian health and healing secrets and felt transformed in a few hours. This was the magic of 'Bansi Yoga.'


One World Of Thought

One World of Thought Sessions, were moderated by Shantum Seth. The Invocation and blessing was by Swami Chidanand Saraswati. There was a Spiritual Discourse by Vijay Poddar of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram & Society – The Art of Consciousness. ‘A Beautiful Mind’ was an enlightening thought exchange event featuring

  • Baroness Susan Greenfield – The Future of The Brain
  • Dr. Raj Narayan – Neuro-Trauma
  • Nigel Osborne - Music and the Mind
  • Dr. H. R. Nagendra - Yoga and the Inner Mind

One World Of Action

An auction where people could stand up and make their intention count, for a noble cause.

An auction of carefully selected objects d'art curated by ‘Bid & Hammer’. Fascinating heirlooms, antiques, jewellery and other heritage & handicraft treasures went under the hammer at the magnificent Umaid Bhawan Palace, in support of the IHIF.

A few priceless treasures donated by His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur to the IHIF were also up for auction.


One World Of Music

The Jodhpur One World Retreat featured one of the world's most renowned musicians, Sting, as he performed live at a private, one-night only concert.

The Retreat's universal themes of hope, inspiration, and healing harmonized beautifully with Sting's timeless music.

It was a memorable performance by the gifted singer, composer, actor, author and activist as his voice resonated across the Umaid Bhawan Palace gardens, invoking the spirit of oneness in the stillness of the spectacular Jodhpur night.


Jodhpur One World Bazaar

In legendary times gone by, exquisite treasures from far and wide were brought to the palaces of India, whose royal residents were connoisseurs of the most beautiful things in the realm.

The Jodhpur One World Bazaar re-created this fabled era, presenting a selection of exceptionally fine products from some of India’s most talented designers and purveyors of luxury goods, in one of the world's most splendid palaces.

A shopping experience fit for a king, with a significant portion of proceeds benefiting the IHIF.