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The Success & Failure of Software projects

The 2015 CHAOS Report released by the Standish Group shows the real side of the successful projects.
This report is a study of 50,000 projects around the world that included minor changes and to large scale project implementations :



The modern resolution (On Time On Budget with a satisfactory result) of all software projects from FY2011-2015 within the new chaos theory database.
The modern resolution:

  • OnTime
  • OnBudget
  • with satisfactory result

Of all software projects from FY2011 - 2015within new CHAOS database.

Smaller project has higher success rate than bigger ones The success rate of smaller projects is attributed to lot of factors such as :

  • Smaller team size, hence, making it easy for the team to act on a decision/change in quick time.
  • Better team coordination.
  • Lesser delays while passing the instructions to the bottom of the pyramid results in faster implantation.

The resolution to all software projects by size from FY2011-2015
within the new CHAOS database.

Visamco comes with years of experience in delivering successful projects

Visamco’s philosophy of Software Development – How to deliver a project successfully?Thanks to our 5 core principles, we ensure a high success-rate, whatever be the size or scope of the project

1 Smaller is better.

Limit the size, complexity & duration of the projects by breaking it down to modules. Monitoring & managing smaller sub-projects is easy compared to a large project.

2 Stay on top of changes, timelines & costs.

Processes to meet technical challenges, allocation of resources, reviews & status meeting must be held.

3 A project plan in place along with a realistic schedule.

Commit what can be delivered on time.

4 Testing & QA an integral part of software development.

Whatever be the size of the project never lose focus & importance of QA.

5 A consistent team.

We ensure that we keep the same resources throughout the project life cycle by keeping the team motivated with challenging assignments in new technologies.

Thus, following the above 5 principles our objective is to :

  • Deliver a successful
    project within timelines
  • Lower the cost of IT
    solutions, provide
    quality solutions which is
    free of bugs
  • Automation to reduce cost
    & remove
    human factor
  • Finally, a satisfied
    customer who stays ahead
    of their competitors

Customized IT solution vs. pre-packaged software

Pre-packaged solutions could be cost effective but in the long-run they do not meet growing business
needs and fail to adapt to changing scenarios.

We at Visamco help our clients to bridge their business requirements through our customized solutions.

We work closely with clients to understand their business objectives,

help them define their software requirements, & work interactively with our clients to define requirement
specifications, test & integrate the customized software solution.


By involving our experienced business analysts & subject matter experts; we design, architect, & develop
that enable client systems to function seamlessly.