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Zarra Si Biryani CASE STUDY


Brand Name & Tagline

Inspired by Hindi slang 'Zarra Si Masti' (meaning- chilling out / having fun) we created brand name 'Zarra Si Biryani'. An interesting, relevant and most easy to remember name with a tag line 'a feast, crafted with love'. That describes this brand in a very literal and simple way.

Brand Identity & Style Guide

Our approach was to develop simple and bold type face with some ethnic but swanky style. That reinforced the brand and evoked a sophisticated traditional vibe as a complete logo unit.

Style Guide Image

Since our strategy was to develop an identity with quirky Mughlai influence, We tried numerous ideas
and finalized a distinct and memorable one. Akbar's & Birbal's character was an inspiration for us to
create an identity that uses a blank canvas to visually illustrate a relevant mascot for Zarra Si Biryani..

Visual Language

We designed a bold and creative visual language that translates our message "a feast, crafted with love" by using
illustration of different Indian spices to create an attractive and beautiful visual language.



Our creative team developed and executed all print collaterals including flyer, table mats, menu card, visiting card, letter pad, carry bags, packaging stickers, signage etc. In an accurate, relevant and vibrant manner. We also created creative copy for Zarra Si Biryani because for us it was not just about Biryani, Kebabs and Nawabs but also about Shayari.


Outdoor Signage

Our message is loud not our volume, let the content speak for itself and let that be loud that is what we had in mind while designing outdoor Signage for Zarra Si Biryani.


Interior Space Design

We conceptualized and designed a set of graphics for the different parts of the boutique diner and
take away centre, right from the exterior glass print and signage, to the wall graphics decorated with quirky Mughal cartoon
characters, and & “Biryani Ki Kahani”; (Story about how raw rice ends up as delicious Biryani). It stood out from other
brands, attracted attention and resulted in huge number of footfalls.



Our team of talented photographers captured the true essence of Mughlai cuisine through the
pictures. They added extra zest by impeccably showcasing the scrumptious delicacies.



Our UX / UI team worked to re-imagine the culinary experience on screen. Some research at the beginning of the project quickly revealed two things – the culinary experience on screen was boring and templatized. This set up the goal of our work on Zarra Si Biryani – to bring the richness of this experience to the web. Go and enjoy the new culinary experience we created on web!

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