I can see the love in
your designs... Barkha Madan (Actor cum Producer)




Our first movie project required intensive study in developing promotional material that would appeal to its target audience and have an immediate emotional connect just by looking at the collaterals’ in the first instance. The client wanted to create a retro theme that was artistic and conveyed the essence of the storyline.


The first thing we focused on was the main title of the movie “Surkhaab”. The typography used was unique to the subject. The bird shaped symbol used in between the typography refers to the name itself, which is a migratory bird. This migration happens between India and the colder regions of North America similar to the storyline of the movie.

An animation for the title was also done that was very well appreciated by the production team and was ultimately selected for the opening sequence of the film.

Movie Posters

The main character of the movie revolves around the young girl “Jeet” who goes to Canada illegally therefore we used her as the central theme. The colors used had a fresh feel that were picked up from the main ensemble worn by Jeet. Another poster had the background of the Toronto skyline at the bottom in dark color hues to depict shades of grey in the movie.

The posters were a true hard labor of work done by the Cybergraff team as it involved extensive research in the art of creating film posters.



The theme of the movie was further carried on to the website to capture the essence of the film. The site was designed keeping in view the mandatories required for a movie website giving information on the actors’ character sketches, the team, latest trailer, gallery showing movie clips & working stills, press releases and updates on the international film festivals. We further helped the production team by setting up the Facebook page for latest updates, trivia, etc.


The homepage for the ‘Surkhaab’ website has a very personalized journal style visual that has a close kinship with the theme of the movie. The elements that are used to accentuate the effects are labeled in small blurbs around the visual.

Visit - www.surkhaabthefilm.com

Music CD Cover / Press Kit

We kept a consistent look with the film posters/website while adapting to the music album CD cover. For promotional purposes an online press kit was designed.

Collaterals for Promotion

For the promotion of the movie various creatives were designed such as the Digital Plasma Posters, Standees, Translite Box, Web Banners, Static Theatrical slide, Hoarding design, Box Office India full page ad. All the promotional material designed adhered to the central theme of the movie, with special mention of the accolades the movie won in various international film festivals before making it to the theatres.

Web Banners

Backlit Box Signage