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Lotus Valley School


School Profile

The school profile was developed for both Noida and Gurgaon branches that would communicate the achievements and growth of the institute and make it stand out as an industry leader. Inspired by the concept ‘Tomorrow is here’ Cybergraff developed the concept, entire creative content, collated all relevant information and coordinated the photo-shoot to present a well-documented complete profile to the school board and its new international partners.


Each event had to have a distinct and memorable message whether it was the Independence Day celebrations / Parents orientation day.

School Events – Annual Day / Sports Day / Masquerade (Mascot / Invite / Backdrop / Signage).


An illustration of a cheetah that is agile, strong and intelligent was selected as a mascot for the School Sports day. To make the sports day more fun the mascot was depicted playing various sports like Cricket, Skating, etc.


‘Joy of Learning’ the very basis on which the school foundation is laid was chosen as the concept for the new school prospectus. The design chosen was contemporary and the creative content with powerful messaging not only re-enforced our concept but also was pretty straightforward to comprehend.

School Almanac

Each year the School Almanac is given a new cover design and improved inside templates to equip teachers, students and parents to interact proficiently.

School Magazine

The School Magazine honed a carefully chosen name ‘Cascade’ with a vibrant and colorful theme for the cover and inside pages. All sections very neatly laid out with illustrations as fillers and a color theme for every segment.

Birthday Cards / Certificates / Report Cards

A few from many of the other elements developed for the School. Cybergraff perfected each one of them by creating visually appealing designs enhanced by careful selection of exquisite paper quality.

Decal / Bus Wrap