Going above and beyond
the mundane




Xseed came to us with the need to completely rebrand one of their partner schools, “NH Goel School”. They wanted the school to adopt Xseed’s philosophy on how to make learning more fun and wanted us to create collaterals that would reflect this philosophy. Their main aim was to involve a child into the holistic development of personality building.

Keeping this in mind, we designed a brochure to depict the inherent Xseed philosophy. The cover was designed like a child’s painting that gives the overall feeling of fun and involvement. Illustration, design, creative copy and even photo-shoot art direction was done for making this brochure.


This workbook was designed for teachers and academic professionals to facilitate the Certificate in Innovative Teaching program. With a fresh and vibrant feel, it is a comprehensive and systematic way to develop teaching skills and reflective practice.


The poster was an innovative idea to essentially summarize the entire workbook and make it easier for teachers to follow the Xseed methods.Illustrations were done for each chapter along with the layouts, templates and design for assessment pages.


This diary was designed keeping in mind the needs of teachers. It was basically designed to act as a map for faculty in order to be able to chart their own learning curve, observations as well as pedagogy from a discipline-based perspective.

School of Tomorrow Event

This was a major event for Xseed and our job was to design all the collaterals fot the event. This included a backdrop for the event, Newspaper ad, Invite, Brochure, Emailer, as well as tickets.


This was a backdrop designed for the Xseed Conference on the Future of School Education. With a bold and contemporary design, it served as a relevant backdrop for the discussion.


This brochure had a lot of information regarding the methods of Xseed. It was critical to design it in a way that maximized readability of information, while keeping the typography fun and bold.

DVD Cover

A cover template was designed for a DVD with real-life classroom videos that would directly demonstrate innovation in teaching. Based on this template, all other DVD covers were designed. Various icons were also designed for the cover to make readability easy and fun.