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A cause that unites the world

Every six minutes a man, woman or a child dies on India’s roads, most of them of head injury.

Many of those who survive these accidents face a life changed beyond description, with nowhere and no one to turn to. India, today, has the dubious distinction of being the 'head injury capital of the world' with over 1.5 million suffering every year. Sadly 1 out of every 6 victims dies because he or she didn't receive optimal care during the 'golden hour', the period immediately after the accident.

In 2005, after his son's horrific Polo accident, His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur, saw all this for himself. Even as his gallant Prince continues his recovery, now with the help of his beautiful wife and newborn baby girl, the Maharaja has taken up this cause as a personal crusade with the setting up of the Indian Head Injury Foundation. The IHIF presently carries out its mission in three different ways. Preventative Awareness & Information, Pre-Hospital Care Education and Neuro Rehabilitation. Inspired by the pioneering work done by the Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF) in the United States, the IHIF is in the process of tailor-making solutions, protocols and best practices for India.

To know more email us at royal@maharajajodhpur.com or call us at the One World Secretariat at +91 11 26924500