No bragging. Just branding.




A startup FMCG Company wanted to launch Stevia based sugar substitute products in India. The client wanted to create an identity with an international appeal encompassing all branding activities starting from naming to designing the logo unit with a tagline, to designing and developing all related marketing collaterals.

Retail Packaging

The design for Bestevia needed to express cutting-edge sophistication and an international look and feel in order to appeal to the exclusive world of stevia consumers.

Cybergraff developed a sleek, sophisticated, green color theme with understated typography, and minimal imagery to give that sensual package design. The design features imagery of the stevia plant and strawberries as a symbol for sweetness. The silver foil printing for the brand name made it more distinct. The sliding box with a gentle push gave ease to the functionality aspect and reinforced the product proposition.


A special photo-session was arranged to capture the vibrant green packaging that created a compelling brand story. We drew inspiration from the characteristics of the plant - the authenticity and healthy aspects - that would appeal to the young target customer as well as the old.


The website was designed keeping in view the powerful insights and focused messaging that the product meant to offer. By developing a flexible platform it enabled the client to give regular updates to the consumers about stevia, its usages, various health benefits, its availability, etc.


A clean, simple, elegant, sophisticated brochure was designed that was the blueprint of the client’s big idea that propelled the business forward.


Ultimately, we reimagined almost every expression of the Bestevia brand including stationery, signage, collateral copy, print ads, t-shirts, caps, shopping bags and other digital assets like the facebook page, etc.

Each collateral boldly expressed its powerful insights, and thoughtfully focused it’s messaging.


Stall Design

As a creative agency the client approached us to showcase the brand at their first big promotional event at the IITF (India international Trade Fair). Within no time the stall design was planned, conceptualized and executed giving Bestevia its own differentiation - a unique, ownable brand position in the marketplace.