A strong brand can attract
new customers and keep
existing ones loyal...

Hearing Care (India)



An International brand from Australia focused on improving hearing of people, wanted to setup their brand in India by opening various outlets across major towns and cities. The client hired Cybergraff as their brand execution partner for various marketing collaterals.

Research & Planning

Keeping consistency of their brand communication required intensive understanding of their brand concept - firstly from where they originated and secondly how they were implementing it in other regions of the world. We carefully studied their brand style guide and made it our bible for further reference.

Shop Branding

A careful study of the shops in Australia and elsewhere was conducted so that proper planning of window displays and collaterals could be created and placed accordingly. This important exercise meant setting up guidelines for all existing and future shops being launched by the company to let people know who you are, what you care about, why they should care about your product and what they can expect.


The original brochure was designed in Australia and had to be adapted with changes as per Indian requirement including image selection. Finally, Cybergraff also got it printed as per International standards.


Cybergraff developed and executed all print collaterals including stationery, display boards, standies, print ads, service book, posters, leafletsand writing pads for doctors, etc.