Building a consolidated brand

V Resorts



A hotel management company under the brand V Resorts ventured into managing resorts in the mid market segment of the Indian leisure industry. Part of our mission was to develop all communication design for their current and expanding operations and also help position the company as a provider of the highest value for money accommodation in offbeat places.

Folder, Company Profile with Pamphlets for Resorts

The corporate identity and its colors - were used so that it helped in building consumer recognition and relevant brand associations. The complete copy was written for the profile as well as for the pamphlets to describe how the resorts captured the splendor of these properties by offering a brilliant experience altogether. Detailed maps were also illustrated for distances and directions.

Stall design

The stall was designed with each Panel showcasing the different properties managed by V Resorts.

Posters / Standies / Leaflets

Different collaterals were developed to make sure that the brand signals effectively communicate the intended idea and have the desired impact on its target audience.

Beautiful captures of the places around and interiors were depicted to lure clients to enjoy the strategic locations and personalized services.

Resort Branding – Reception / Writing Pad / Pen

After creating the visual and verbal identities for the company Cybergraff developed consistent sonic identities to build recall across all the properties.


The concept of the Calendar was exclusive in terms of text, illustration & visual placement, each page distinctly different from the other.

Travel book

Within a span of 3-4 months V Resorts had almost 14 properties. The Company intended to set up in a period of 5 years, a chain of 200 resorts across India. With so many properties being already managed Cybergraff helped V Resorts develop a coffee table travel book that would also take care of the expanding operations.