Creating influence for the
man who creates influence
for millions.

Shiv Khera



Shiv Khera - the motivational speaker and leadership guru is a world renowned celebrity. Companies, individuals and government bodies seek him out to make leaders of tomorrow. His motivational training programs are best sellers. When Shiv decided to brand his influence, he sought our services for a consistent, coherent and impactful brand messaging.


The keywords that we worked around were - Leadership, Global, World Class and Premium. There is now a glut in the leadership training market and our task was to pitch Shiv Khera right at the top of this cluttered market. Using the colour black to connote premiumness and stature and orange to add the energy and vibrancy of Shiv Khera's personal aura and charm we worked on the website, made motivational posters, premium stationery and created a whole new branding look and feel for him.


A clean, simple, elegant, sophisticated brochure was designed that was the blueprint of the client’s big idea that propelled the business forward.


Notebooks were designed for the brand keeping the theme consistent with some inspiring lines for the readers.


Calendar was designed keeping in mind the colors related to Shiv Khera’s branding with each page having a motivational quote for the readers to get inspired and also communicate this to others and make this world a whole better place to live in.


Stationery collaterals were designed to make the brand move forward. We have designed letterheads, notepads and keychains with packaging for the brand.

Poster and Certificate

We also designed the motivational posters to inspire people and certificate of excellence to reward people who have contributed to the society by any means.

Photoframe and Cup

Moving things forward, we designed photoframes with some inspiring lines around the picture and further designed cups for the brand.


The theme of the brand was further carried on to the website to capture the essence of it. The site was designed keeping in mind the mandatories required for the brand to make its presence felt in the digital world.


Further, leaflets were designed with the consistent theme of the brand containing the mandatory information related to it.

Cd Cover

Brand theme was then further carried on to the CD cover design. For promotional purposes an online press kit was designed.