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We are a “One-Stop solution” for all your Project Management needs, with a complete range of customized services delivered by Project Management experts


Our methodology for Project Management Implementation

  • Assessing the
    current state of your
  • Utilization of
    resources across
    your organization
  • Assessing the size of
    your project
  • Adhering to the
    complexity and
    duration of
  • Working on current
    operational model
  • Developing and
    practices &
    processes for
    managing projects
  • Blending Project
    processes into your


A toolkit of
Processes, Standards,
& Templates
A commitment to offering
solutions that are holistic
& within the given
An average experience of 15+ years in
the field of Project/ Program


  • Multifaceted programs have complex challenges that require successful team integration.
  • Our PM professionals service building the right teams to manage projects, deliver Quality projects while supporting the customers’ business objectives
Here’s how we go about in solving key Project Management issues :

Closely work with project managers & project personnel to build project management competency while ensuring successful execution of projects.

Actively participate in projects to ensure standards are being adopted and help provide a comfortable transition when deploying new processes, practices, & templates.

Coach your staff in project management processes, methods, and best practices to accelerate the effectiveness of major change initiatives that impact the entire organization.

Identify issues & resolve conflicts before they become problems using established procedures & processes that consistently yield excellent results.

Focus on the big picture, establishing priorities and coordinating activities & participants to ensure that your projects are delivered safely, on time, & within budget.

Review the status of projects in the portfolio & make recommendations for improved execution through the coaching & mentoring of project managers.

Identify risks early that could potentially have negative impact on the project, & develop mitigation plans.

Foster collaborative working relationships & develop a community of project management practitioners.


  • Project Management Office (PMO) has increasingly become a core area for businesses all around the world
    In a highly competitive market, relying on a strong, reliable and efficient PMO structure is key to sustained growth
  • Yet, this area of expertise has been a matter of challenge

“More people lately have been talking about PMOs
than they have in the last 10 years,” -Don Christian, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers

without PMO

  • Projects do not meet deadlines and/or milestones
  • Inadequate planning & Governance
  • Ineffective enforcement of Project controls and policies
  • Lack of standardized reports & reporting framework

How Visamco can help

  • The first step of deploying a PMO is to assess the current organization state.
  • We develop a deployment roadmap incorporating your organization’s culture & operating practices.
  • We also identify, prioritize, and establish a set of fundamental PMO functions and services utilizing our proven techniques & methodologies.
  • Visamco’ PMO function can range from providing project management support function to actually being responsible for the direct management of a project.
  • We ensure constant communication, incorporating organizational change management.
success programme

We work directly with companies to provide project management training programsthat transform the way people work


The training material for all the programs has been broken down into several modules.

Each module covers definitions, examples, exercises and memory joggers to facilitate the learning &
application of the contents.
To ensure a thorough grasp of the concepts, the material discusses each relevant topic in a lucid manner.

How VisamCo
conducts its

  • We offer management training and project
    management courses & programs that are
    tailored to address skill gaps & improve the
    competency of your project personnel
  • Our courses are designed to provide a thorough
    understanding of project management at all
    levels in the organization
  • Our workshops inculcate good practices
    in project management through a right
    blend of theory & practice
  • Our workshops focus on philosophy of
    learning by doing, where the programs are
    designed to give professionals practical
    aspects of project management
  • Workshops are designed to provide step-by-step
    guidance & support for participants to acquire
    in-depth knowledge of the topic(s)
  • Measure the learning curve by Pre & Post
    Assessment of participants

Each workshop incorporates modern pedagogical methods & techniquesof imparting class room training :

  • Formal instructor-led
    trainings using
    whiteboard &
    digital presentation
  • Simulated case
    studies providing
    live examples
  • Vibrant discussions
    to help participants
    to absorb the
    topic completely
  • Problem solving and
    mock tests to
    the learning
  • Post- workshop
    guidance & support